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About The Authors

The pages here aim to be informative and present a little bit of information on the topic that you might not find so easily on the internet elsewhere. Please remember they are only written for a little education and information, not for medical advice or to be the basis for nay medical decision! We also regret we can’t answer any medical questions as these are based taken to your doctor, or practitioner if you’re using Traditional Chinese Medicine. The content here is not paid advertising by any individual or organisation.

The site was started by Daniel Clarke, a self-confessed science type who tried some shiatsu and then Traditional Chinese Medicine and was both impressed and annoyed with the results – they were good but he couldn’t always explain them.  Daniel started the site to bring a bit of information out that hopefully isn’t just someone trying to sell you their services, for example, the information on the studies includes positive and negligible findings. Other contributors have backgrounds in Traditional Chinese Medicine (handy when Daniel gets stuck trying to explain it all), medical admin and media. All contributors hope to be normal everyday people just interested in different approaches! cannot be responsible for the content or activities related to any external sites and is not under any remunerative or other agreements with of the professional organisations listed.